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Colombia Huila


340g | 12 oz
Sweet, nutty, dark chocolate

This coffee is staying in our lineup due to its high demand.


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Once upon a time in 2016, we received word from a sage coffee grader who told us of a mill that was producing an exceptional Excelso bean. Excelso refers to the size of the coffee bean. It is one size below Supremo. This coffee comes from the same trees as their bigger brothers, and is arguably just as amazing.


We use this coffee from Colombia for our Signature Blend. Where this bean stands above other roasts is that it is inherently just a great quality bean. The coffee profile is roasted just enough to bring out the fullest bodied cup without sacrificing flavor for smoke.


This is our ambassador coffee for those customers out there who would like to peek into the world of really great specialty coffee. This coffee was also only by special request, but due to the high demand for this particular roast we think it is great enough to showcase and worthy of a slot in our limited lineup. We love our coffee customers, so we’ll keep making this coffee for a long time!

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Weight .75 g

Whole Bean, Drip, Coarse, Pour Over


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