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Ethiopia Hambela


340 grams | 100% Arabica specialty Coffee

Region: Oromia, Guji Zone, Ethiopia

Altitude: 1,900 – 2,200 meters

Process: Washed

Cup Characteristics: Lemon, raspberry, sage, chocolate


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This is a delightful roast that inspires you to learn more about all coffee can offer.  The flavor profile is bright berries and balanced acidity, just the right combination and juicy body to brighten a bold morning.

About the coffee:

This single origin coffee comes from the Hambela Estate in the Oromia region of the Guji Zone in Ethiopia. It is grade 1, the highest quality grade given to coffees. The Hambela Estate’s operations are certified organic and the workforce is greater than 70% female.  This coffee prepared using a washed and sun-dried method.

The coffee producers (METAD) behind this coffee are 3rd generation family owned and community-conscious business. METAD operates the first specialty coffee lab on the continent of Africa. These labs are a resource for farmers to improve their technique to get the best possible crop. METAD is socially responsible, sponsoring over 650 elementary school children.

Origin: Southern Nations and Nationalities ; People Region, Guji Zone
Altitude: 1,900 – 2,200 m
Arabica Varietals: Arabica, Heirloom
Process: Washed

Additional information

Weight .75 g

Whole Bean, Drip, Coarse, Pour Over


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