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Nicaragua Jinotega


340g | 12 oz
Cranberry, cherry, lemon, apple

A versatile and bright coffee for espresso, pour over, or drip. Impress your coffee friends.


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Gold Mountain Coffee Growers and Cadenza met at the 2018 Specialty Coffee Expo. Gold Mountain produces some of the most amazing coffees from Nicaragua. It is not easy though. The attention to detail from seeds planted on sustainability award winning farms, riding with shipping containers across the Atlantic, to Gold Bean Award winning cup requires attention to detail at every level and cooperation with the farmers and agronomists year round.

Cadenza is very happy to continue to build on its direct trade relationship with Gold Mountain. This coffee from Sabino and Maria Jesus’ Pear Note Microlot arrived in hand painted jute coffee bags. When we were seeking coffee this time around, we were looking for something that could be enjoyed every day as a regular cup of coffee while also being exciting enough for any barista or cafe to dial in for espresso. This coffee shines through in every cup, the aroma of the roasted coffee in each bag fills each breath with excitement that makes your soul tingle.

The Pear Note Microlot has a beautiful set of fruit tones to excite the coffee enthusiast, is versatile enough to excel with any brewing method, and is the coffee you need to try at least before we run out. There is only a small amount of this that is made each year, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to roast this coffee for you!

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Weight .75 g

Whole Bean, Drip, Coarse, Pour Over


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